Know what works and why

Easily set up and track all your marketing efforts in Google Analytics. Know who comes and what they do on your website and keep an eye on campaign performance. 2dot media team can help implement tracking codes and tags for your website and help you understand the data.

Get to understand your customers

With data such as locations, behavior and traffic sources, you can pinpoint exactly who you should interact with. Google Analytics provides valuable insight into what happens on your website and how.  

Make better decisions

Analytics is built to work with Google Ads and to seamlessly integrate into your overall strategy. By using its data and analysis you can figure out what works and how to change what doesn't. Put those insights to work!

Why us?


We've reached millions of people with over 100 campaigns. 


Our experts are certified and we continuously learn.


We do our own ads as well and we have tested many ideas on our own budget.


You will always have information about what's going on with your account.


We're happy to share our knowledge through blogs, courses and trainings.


Our packages are tailored to fit your goals and can adapt to all your needs