Engage with your audience!

With more than two billion monthly users, Facebook, together with Instagram and WhatsApp, is the largest social network in the world. Take advantage of the numerous placement options, creative styles and micro-target your future shoppers and fans with 2dot media expert ad managers.

Expand your reach and goals

No matter if you are promoting content or product, with Facebook Ads you can do it all. Your business goals can be easily achieved and you can showcase your creativity and expertise. Choose between platforms or show your ad across the web.

Make sure you get to only the right people

With huge amounts of data, Facebook Ads can help you target the right people at the right time and in the right place. Choose and test interests, locations, life events and other targeting options to make sure you get the best return and spend your budget in an effective way.

Why us?


We've reached millions of people with over 100 campaigns. 


Our experts are certified and we continuously learn.


We do our own ads as well and we have tested many ideas on our own budget.


You will always have information about what's going on with your account.


We're happy to share our knowledge through blogs, courses and trainings.


Our packages are tailored to fit your goals and can adapt to all your needs