Keyword Research

No matter if you are running a campaign or creating new content, first step is to research what keywords are good for you. Knowing what your users are looking for helps you determine all other steps in your strategy. 

By combining experience and powerful tools we're able to research keywords based on the content of your website, user's intents or general market trends. We can help you identify and decide which keywords to use for your content or ads and get in front of your future customers. 

John Wanamaker has said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half”. Let's minimize waste and take your performance to the next level.

What's included?

The number of monthly searches for each keyword

The competition level for each keyword

Your site's current search engine rankings

Your competitors' keywords 

Keyword research FAQ

Why is this important?

Visibility in search engine results is vital to creating an online presence that establishes credibility and trust with your customers. Knowing the search intent behind the terms your target audience is using is important to understand in order to find opportunities that can potentially convert that audience into buyers. Keyword research for your website isn’t just important, it’s critical.

What tools do you use?

 We use many well-known tools like MozPro, SEMRush, and Keyword Planner, as well as Soovle,, Ubersuggest, and, among others. We also monitor social media trends and hashtags to identify new trending phrases online.

What is your research process?

We star with understanding your goals and your customer journey. Then we research the way customers may interact with your brand and how search trends have developed over time. We then use various tools to analyze and identify best keywords to match your brand, offering and customer journey.

Can't I do research on my own?

Sure, most of the tools are available for regular users. As an agency we don't just perform research. We can use our experiene and knowledge to combine research with other services, analyze your competitors and market and leverage technology for best results.

How fast will I get my report?

Typically, research process takes between two days and two weeks depending on your goals, scope of work and research purpose. We generally work fast but always make sure to delever only our most quality work.

How much do you charge for research?

It depends on many factors, like the size of your business, competitiveness of the market and other determinants. Reach out to us for a quote on our keyword research services pricing and costs.