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Digital Marketing Strategy 

At the begining of each partnership, a strategy will be laid out. We will research your target market, customers, competition and industry to learn and understand more about the area you’re exisiting in. The we will develop a comprehensive plan for your brand, for goals we selected and understand where your current channels stand and what data says about it.

Email Marketing


The core service we provide is compelling email marketing. We will work on your strategy and campaign development and management, understand your email list and how it can be grown or managed. If you already have something in place we will audit your efforts or setup accounts and choose a platform for you. Further down, we create email templates, design, write, schedule and deploy your emails. Using different technologies we track and report on important stats.

Google Search and Display Ads

Google is the largest search engine in the world and it’s Search and Display Ads can be used for various purposes – launching a new product, seasonal offer, tracking and retargeting website visitors, for example. We will work with you on campaign and creative elements development, setting up remartketing and tracking results with Google Analytics.

Social Media Marketing

We will do the social media profile audit or setup your channels on best networks for your brand. Social media advertising campaign development, ads copywriting and design are among our favorite actions. We will also setup remarketing campaigns, analytics and reporting

Custom Services

There are some services we can do for you on demand. Copywriting for business blogs, social media graphic creation and content plan development are some of them. These services can be ordered on their own or included in your package.

Training & Consulting

We offer online one-on-one or team training on email marketing and social media as well as in house options and consultations for your brand.

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